Seido Solutions

Seido Solutions is a facility management specialist with a sustainability edge. We provide facility management services that are designed to improve your facility’s impact on the environment, productivity and people – not just today, but into the future.

Seido Solutions is now established as one of Malaysia’s foremost sustainable facility management specialists, with clients including some of the nation’s largest F&B chains, franchised retail outlets, international hotels, shopping malls and office buildings.

Seido Solutions

BSL Eco Energy

BSL Eco Energy Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s top photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solution providers. We offer total engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning services for the full range of solar installations, ranging from homes to utility scale solar farms.

BSL Solar Tech is part of BSL Eco Energy, and specialises in the sales and after sales service of locally assembled inverters in Malaysia.

BSL Eco Energy Sdn Bhd


Colmax FM Sdn Bhd and Colmax Solutions Sdn Bhd are partner subsidiaries that provide comprehensive, professional facility management services across peninsular Malaysia.

We carry out preventative and corrective maintenance for some of the nation’s most recognized fast food chains, retail franchises and shopping malls.

Colmax FM and Colmax Solutions

Eco Seido

Eco Seido is a renewable energy company with the expertise to develop, design, engineer, construct and operate projects across the globe towards our vision of creating a low energy, sustainable future for everyone.

Eco Seido Sdn Bhd

RG Excel

RG Excel Sdn Bhd is a trusted name in shipping and logistics and continues to serve its long-standing clients with the same integrity, efficiency and warmth that marks the foundation of all the companies under Ceiba Group.

RG Excel Sdn Bhd